Roofing Contractors in St Paul May Also Supply New windows and Siding

When the roof on an older house needs to be replaced other exterior materials of the same age may also need to be replaced. If this may be the case, consider choosing roofing contractors in St Paul who offer complete exterior remodeling services including new windows, doors, siding, and gutters. When the homeowner uses one company for the whole house renovation, they will save time and money. Dealing with one quality contractor rather than multiple ones will be less stressful.

One Contractor, Many Projects

If a family purchases an older home needing exterior renovation or if a family has lived in a home for many years and decides itis time for updating the exterior, they need a good, dependable contractor. One contractor who is licensed and insured to do business in the community is the best way to go. A contractor with quality products and professional installation crews for each product is essential.

Some contractors will meet with the homeowner and inspect the roof, siding, windows, gutters, and doors and help the homeowner decide which elements can be kept, repaired, or must be replaced. The roofing contractors in St Paul can help the homeowner choose the replacement materials for each project and give the homeowner a bid for the whole job, or separate bids for each product and its installation. This will help the homeowner spread out the expenses over time.

What Order Should Exterior Projects Be Done In?

If the roof needs repair or replacement, it should be the first exterior renovation project completed. If the siding and windows need to be replaced, they should be done at the same time or the contractor should decide which project should be done first, knowing the other will follow. This is because the window replacement will affect the siding. The replacement of the gutter system should probably be done after the new siding is installed or the siding is repaired and painted.

The homeowner and the contractor can decide the best order for the renovation projects. The completed exterior renovation will result in a home that is waterproof and more energy efficient. The home will look almost new again and will increase in value. Browse our website for more renovation information.

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