What Is Organic Gardening?

More homeowners search for ways to save money while eating well with rising food costs. One way to achieve this goal is through organic gardening. Understanding the value of organic landscaping in Asheville, NC, and how it can help your family will show you the importance of growing food yourself. 

What Is Organic Landscaping in Asheville, NC?

In short, organic gardening rejects using chemical pesticides and fertilizers to promote plant growth. However, some organic gardeners will use naturally-derived pesticides and fertilizers. These gardeners treat soil as a living thing and emphasize enhancing organic matter in the soil with natural supplements that promote healthy plants. The primary concern is to prevent chemical compounds from contaminating the food grown.

Accepting Natural Processes

Organic landscaping in Asheville, NC, involves accepting natural processes that may not result in a perfect crop. For instance, organic gardeners understand disease may be a part of the growing process, affecting their crop size. Insects may infiltrate their gardens, and the produce may not look perfect. However, the environmental benefits far outweigh the poor appearance or shelf stability.

How to Protect Organic Gardening

Organic gardeners face the same challenges as other gardeners, but the way they address the issues differs. Improving the soil with organic matter improves water retention and evens out nutrient balances. When insects infiltrate the garden, organic gardeners must find organic solutions. However, some crops aren’t suitable for organic growing because the pests attracted to them aren’t detered with organic pesticides. In organic landscaping in Asheville, NC, careful timing for planting is crucial to prevent infestations and disease.
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