Visit Tree Farms in Austin to Get Started With the Planting of Elder Pines

by | Oct 21, 2016 | Tree Services

People who move from northern states to southern realms may do so because they love the warmer weather, but they often feel a little sad about leaving the types of foliage they are accustomed to. This partly explains why so many new arid-climate residents go to such efforts to grow lush lawns of green grass when the climate doesn’t naturally support those efforts. Deciding on the best trees to plant in the region can be another concern, but Tree Frarms in Austin offer an amazing selection.

Consider a new resident who loves pine trees. This person has learned that most pine trees are not native to western Texas and many don’t thrive there. An exception is the elder pine, with the botanical name Pinus Eldarica. Texas residents also call it the Lonestar Christmas Tree because it resembles a Scotch pine, which is a favorite for holiday decorating. In addition, the tree grows naturally in a relatively triangular shape, commonly associated with Christmas trees. Elder pines are not native to the United States, but rather to the Middle East. The species was first transplanted here in the early 1960s under the supervision of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Tree Farms in Austin certainly carry this type of tree and can offer guidance in planting and caring for it.

However, this conifer doesn’t need much water, and the local rainfall is sufficient. The trees will appreciate being planted in a sunny, dry part of the yard. That’s what arborists will look for when they arrive with one or more elder pines. They also encourage homeowners to avoid growing grass right up to the base of the trees.

Grass needs watering in an arid climate while elder pines do not; this is not a healthy combination. Arborists also can advise property owners on how much to fertilize these trees. In general, little to no fertilization is necessary for these hardy plants. Another advantage to these stately conifers is that they don’t need much pruning, if any. It should be clear why elder pines are excellent choices for the Austin area. Visit Alfaro Tree Sales to get started with arid landscaping.

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