3 Master Bathroom Remodeling Options to Get the Creative Juices Flowing

If your master bathroom is currently cramped, not particularly inviting and tucked away in some dark corner, a small affordable remodeling project can have a big impact. The changes you make to the master bath will guarantee a major positive impact in your daily routine. Here are a couple of remodeling ideas that will help your creative juices flow.

Increase Storage Areas

Many homeowners have a wide variety of cleaning products, and a bathroom remodeling project is the perfect time to add storage space for better organization. Add shelves, carts and bathroom cabinets to store all your essentials. Consider installing cabinets with glass fronts and molding to add character to the bathroom. If you cannot replace the cabinets, add decorative knobs and pulls to update your bath look.

Go For a Relaxed Environment

Add a comfortable chair for that luxurious touch, taking a break and sitting down after a relaxing bath can do wonders. Opt for naturally soft colors for the bathroom for a calming environment, and add bright accessories like vases and curtains to liven up the room. If you have the budget, you can also add high-tech features to your space as suggested in The Detroit News.

Increase Space

If space is a major problem in your master bathroom, consider a remodeling project that expands it in any direction. Bath remodeling experts can help you add extra square footage that will open up your room and increase possibilities. One option includes taking out a wall and replacing it with a window for more natural light that creates an open feeling. If a new window is not feasible, skylights will do.

A remodel master bathroom project helps you create a space for private indulgence and retreat. Your ultimate goal should be to make your bathroom a place that is warm and welcoming during the day and at night.

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