What’s the Clear Choice for a Vinyl Window Installation in Milwaukee Wisconsin?

by | Oct 17, 2016 | Windows

Single-pane windows are a thing of the past. Almost all new homes (past 2010 or so) are built with double-panes in mind. It is the clear choice for vinyl window installation in Milwaukee Wisconsin for homeowners who are upgrading a home that may still be on the single-pane rule.

The reason it was so common years ago is twofold. For one, it comes down to money. Customers did not typically know the difference and would be more than happy with what was widely considered the norm. The second reason had to do with technology. The double-pane designs were far superior than they were even just a decade ago. The design accounts for air flow, water condensation, and the loss of energy. Double-pane windows are built as two panes that are close together. In the middle rests a slight gap of air that is needed for water allocation. It is specifically filled with inert gasses. The inert gasses rest within the two panes to assist in blocking out the leaking of warm air during the winter and the leaking of cool air during the hot summer months. The gas technology was not initially present in double-pane designs. The original intention was simply to make them more secure by adding another pane. It made a marginal difference. Only when the inert gases were applied were the differences substantial enough to justify the upgrade every time.

It is estimated that single-pane homes lose about $400 a year for the homeowners. This is in a cold climate. It is worse in warm climates, where the average household will lose about $450 yearly. This Old House.com covers more details. Check out our website for specific energy losses for the local community in Milwaukee. The website is at Website URL. It covers any details pertaining to window installations.

A vinyl window installation in Milwaukee Wisconsin from a single-pane to a double-pane should now be the standard. Fortunately, most installers consider it so. Milwaukee gets extraordinarily cold and that season is right around the corner once again. Avoid those shivering winds from the water and keep the warm air in and intact.

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