The Confusing Terminology Regarding Cedar Tree, Bush and Shrub Installation in Elliott City MD

by | Oct 16, 2018 | Tree Services

People can easily get a bit confused about whether shrubs are different than bushes, and whether these plants are all trees. For instance, they may know of a home that has had cedar Shrub Installation in Elliott City MD. They also are aware that cedar evergreens grow wild in forests, reaching very tall heights.

Shrubs, Bushes and Trees

There are technical ways to identify a shrub such as a cedar, but this particular plant is also considered to be a tree. Essentially, a tree may be considered a shrub if the environmental conditions or routine pruning restrict its height. After shrub installation in Elliott City MD, a cedar tree might be kept as a shrub through regular trimming to keep its height at the desired level.

The terms shrub and bush are commonly used interchangeably. The only difference that purists sometimes mention is that a bush is expected to have branches very close to the ground, while a shrub’s lowest branches are somewhat higher. Horticultural scientists, however, agree that bushes and shrubs are the same thing.

Cedars and Arborvitae

To make things even more confusing, true cedar bushes are not native to North America. Yet many trees that are very similar to cedars are called by that name. Botanically, however, they are classified as arborvitae. Many property owners like to hire a landscaping company such as Ballard Enterprises plant these so-called “false cedars” for ornamental purposes. The rich scent of the flat leaves is also appreciated.


Planting cedar shrubbery in front of a home is a way to beautify the house with landscaping. Since the plants can easily be kept at specific height levels, the property owners may want to use this to a design advantage. For instance, two shrubs at the far ends of the house can be kept at 6 ft., with two more on either side trimmed to stay shorter than this. The middle ones might be 5 ft. tall, for instance, and the ones closest to the front door 4 ft. This brings a sense of symmetry to the design. Visit the website to learn more about one company that plants shrubs for customers.

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