The Many Benefits of Building a Garage Addition

For homeowners that are looking to increase the value and usage of their home, one of the best ways to accomplish this is through a home improvement project or addition. When trying to decide on the best home addition project to invest in, evaluating the benefits as well as the value increase gained can be the best place to start.

The Benefits of Building a Garage Addition

For homes that lack a garage, this can be one of the best new home additions for the money. As an investment, a new garage offers the opportunity to add home storage, car storage, and protection as well as home living space expansion. Garage prices near Hammondcan vary, so make sure to do research first. For property owners that are looking for detached garages, these buildings can provide excellent storage for vehicles, lawn care tools, home storage, a workbench, and more. Separate structures also provide for the option to build a separate studio or office on the second floor if needed.

Main Structure Garage Additions

Garages that are built and attached to the main house with a second floor can offer the ability to have a large expansive room that can make an excellent master bedroom suite, an expansive spare room, two separate bedrooms, an office or a studio. Since the primary structure is already in place, using a two-story design is a very cost-effective way to gain living space and may be worth considering when getting garage prices Hammond estimates.

On average, up to 75% of the cost of a garage is realized in a home value increase

once completed. The value increase can be even higher if the garage creates additional living space for the home. Before deciding on the type of garage addition to build, homeowners should evaluate their needs and what they want the garage to offer to their home.

The best time to ensure you get all you need out of a garage structure for your home is in the planning stages of the addition. If you are looking for the best in garage addition work and are looking for garage prices Hammond estimates, at Indiana Garage Guy, we have been offering homeowners the best in garage addition construction for years, and you can learn more about us.

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