Residential Door Installation in Columbus IN for a Walkout Basement

People who have bought a house with a walkout basement may want to convert that basement to living space and have a better door installed. When basements are only used for storage, a basic workshop and laundry facilities, the door to the outside may simply be a standard, unimaginative wood or steel door. That’s especially the case when the walkout faces the back instead of the street. Sometimes there’s no door at all and just an egress window. Contractors who do Residential Door Installation in Columbus IN offer a variety of options that help homeowners create an enjoyable space for a family room, den, bedroom, craft room or another type of living area.

The homeowners may want a sliding patio door for Residential Door Installation in Columbus IN so more natural light comes into the basement. That feature makes a basement much more pleasant. A contractor such as Kenny Glass Inc also may be able to install windows on the exposed wall if more sunlight is desirable. There may already be a patio on that side of the basement, or the homeowners may plan to have one installed.

Another option that allows plenty of natural light to enter is having French doors installed. These are dual glass doors that often have a frosted design or other stylistic enhancement. They lend a sense of elegance to the room and to the exterior of the house. Homeowners who prefer doors that open to the interior instead of sliding horizontally may prefer this style.

If there is currently no door on the exposed wall and the homeowners don’t care about additional light downstairs, any standard door will do. Since the contractor will need to create a space for the door, choosing this option saves money since it requires only a smaller opening. Some type of suitable exit is required when a basement is used for living space, so even if homeowners don’t want to have a door installed immediately, they still must have an egress window. That allows people to escape in the event of a disaster that makes the interior stairway unusable for reaching the outdoors.

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