Preparation For Tent Fumigation In Maui

In Hawaii, tent fumigation is an effective strategy for eliminating more serious pest infestations. The tenting prevents the pests from escaping the property. When using the strategies, the property owner won’t have to worry about a reoccurrence and acquire better protection for their home. A local extermination team offers tent fumigation Maui for all property owners.

Secure a Hotel Room

The property owner must stay away from home until the fumigation service is completed. All pets must be removed from the property ahead of time as well. The process could take up to three days to complete. The owner shouldn’t return until the day following the completion of the services. Exterminators who perform clean up services will provide details about the completion of the additional services.

Managing All Food in the Property

The property owner must seal up all food that isn’t in the freezer or the refrigerator. If possible, they should consider an alternative location for dry and canned foods until after the services. The refrigerator and freezer doors should be tapped up to prevent them from opening at any time. Pet food should also be removed or sealed in thick plastic containers.

Clearing Away Clutter Around the Property

Any items that are around the edges of the property should be moved. Lawn equipment and other non-permanent fixtures are moved away from the perimeter of the home. Mulch and straw that is placed around the edges of landscaping are moved back as well. The exterminator needs a clear path to the property to set up the tenting.

What to Expect

The exterminators construct a tent around the entire home. Tubing is connected to the tent to distribute the chemicals throughout the home and around the edges. The extermination team opens all doors between each room to ensure proper distribution of the chemicals.

In Hawaii, tent fumigation services are used when a serious infestation is discovered. The services are more effective than standard pest control measures. Property owners use the method for roaches and rodents most often. The technique is ideal for larger properties that are at risk.

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