Enhance Your Home With an Iron Entry Door

by | Mar 27, 2017 | Doors

Iron entry doors make an elegant and strong statement and can enhance your home’s decor in many ways. There are several types of iron doors for your home’s entry, where they set the opening scene for the overall design of your living space. Here are some ways that an iron entry door can enhance your home.

Durable and Weather-Resistant

A front door has an important function as the threshold to entering your home, and as such it has to be strong enough to resist all the various elements that it is required to stand up against. Iron doors are strong, weatherproof and durable. They are built to withstand moisture, temperature changes, and corrosion. Iron glass entry doors have resilient glass panels that enhance design without compromising strength.

Specifications That Provide Added Security

When you select a door to complement your home, check its specifications. Is it strong enough to pass coastal hurricane tests? How thick is the door? What type of metal is used?

A door thickness of two inches gives your door a heft and weight that isn’t always present in all iron doors. Scrollwork thickness is also something to evaluate. Is it built from solid, 5/8″ iron stock, or is the company cutting corners by using recycled iron, or even cast aluminum? While the industry standard is 14 gauge metal, a door that incorporates a premium 12 gauge metal goes above and beyond average.

Stylish and Design-Conscious

Wrought iron entry doors are made in a wide range of attractive styles to suit the overall design impact of your home. You can choose from delicate trellis work in a variety of motifs. Grace your entrance with clean, straight lines, elegant curves, fanciful details or antique charm. The choice all depends on your preferences and the statement you want to make. Welcoming guests to your home is a pleasure when you open a door that reflects your personal style.


Iron door professionals can work with you to your design specifications in creating the entry door you have in mind. A professional can be an essential partner in selecting the right door for your home, assisting you with meaningful details like coordinated door handles, privacy glass, natural light considerations and color considerations. When your entry door is customized to your home and your specifications, it fits your home like a glove and reflects your personal taste.

An iron entry door can add an unforgettable touch of elegance to your home, while also improving security. When you choose which type of door to enhance your home, don’t forget the details that make all the difference. Click here for more details.

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