Bathroom Interior Designers Make All the Difference in Madison, WI

Modern, bathroom interior designs not only add value to your home, but are also much more comfortable to live in. There are, however, a few aspects to consider; especially for a bathroom remodel.

Naturally, tile is one of the first things that come to mind, and trending right now is natural stone. Rather than ordinary ceramic tiles, consider marble, travertine, or granite tiles, or, faux stone ceramic tiles. Also, keep the colors light, bright and neutral. When it comes to the shower, make sure the floor surface is covered with non-slip tiles. Wood trim on the counters and wood cabinets add warmth, softening the edges of a minimalist or contemporary bathroom design.

Updating your plumbing fixtures is also a must, and everything but boring, basic chrome is trending. Think about faucets with a gold finish or matte stainless steel—you can even get faucets and other fixtures in matte brown and black finishes! Rain-style shower heads continue their popularity.

Industrial-style sinks are also trending. They’re sleek, modern, and edgy, pairing well with both minimalist design and a more traditional look.

Don’t overlook your bathroom lighting, it can make all the difference when you look in the mirror. Dramatic pendant lights add character, as do wall sconces. But remember, bathroom lighting also needs to be functional. Good lighting around the mirror is especially important.

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is the most frequently renovated room in any house.

Trust Driftmeir Design for your bathroom interior designs in Madison, WI.

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