4 Unconventional Uses for Kitchen Cabinets

We all know kitchen cabinets are designed for storing your culinary needs—dishes, pots, pans, water bottles, storage containers, canned goods, blenders, or the old coffee pot that doesn’t work but you can’t bear to throw away. However, there are some other ways you can utilize the kitchen cabinets in your Delray Beach home to make your living space the most creative on the block.

1. Keep your upper cabinets open! Just because your kitchen is a kitchen doesn’t mean that you can’t house your impressive collection of books, plants, or knick knacks to liven up the space and bring you an extra lift of joy when you’re cooking or washing dishes. Store your cookbooks in an open cabinet for both easy access and a clean display!

2. Southern Living suggests transforming your kitchen cabinetry into an impressively organized drink station. Okay, so this is still food-related, but it’s a clever way to utilize your space and store your prized wines! Consider installing a wine cooler on top and beverage drawers below. You can even utilize kitchen cabinets with glass doors to show off your wine glass collection above it all.

3. Utilize tall, thin utility cabinets for cleaning storage. By removing any shelving that may be installed inside, these odd spaces are the perfect place to store cleaning supplies like mops and brooms.

4. It may sound crazy, but kitchen cabinets don’t have to be used only in your kitchen. Old cabinets can be repurposed into a number of creative applications such as sofa tables, toy chests, or decorative organizers for other parts of your home.

If you’re looking for some creative change in your home, spice up your residence in Delray Beach with kitchen cabinets used in unconventional ways. With so many varieties of cabinets available and the possibility of upcycling used or vintage cabinets, the options are endless.

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