4 Signs A Homeowner Should Contact A Professional To Repair A Boiler In Monroe, NY

The boiler in a person’s home is responsible for keeping it warm during the cold winter months. It also heats up the water so the homeowner has hot water on demand. Because this is such an important appliance in the home, the homeowner should be able to recognize the signs it is time to consider replacing a Boiler in Monroe NY.

Yellow Pilot Flame

It is a good idea for the homeowner to check their boiler flame regularly. The flame should be blue. If it is yellow, it could indicate the presence of carbon monoxide. This gas is invisible and odorless. At low levels, the gas can cause headaches, dizziness, and nausea. At high levels, it can result in death. If the homeowner finds that the flame is yellow, they should shut the boiler down and leave the house immediately. This is a problem that often occurs in boilers that have reached their maximum lifespan.

The House Heats Up Slower Than Usual

If the homeowner turns on their heat and finds that it is taking longer than usual for the home to heat up, there could be something wrong with the boiler. It is recommended that homeowners have their boiler tuned up and maintained every year. If they don’t, it can greatly decrease the lifespan of the boiler. If the home is not heating up as quickly as it should, the homeowner should consider replacing the boiler.

Strange Noises

There are no boilers that are going to run completely silently. Some noise when the boiler switches on and off is normal, but if the homeowner starts hearing new sounds, they should contact a professional. These strange noises could be a sign the boiler needs to be replaced.

Higher Heating Bills

If the homeowner finds their heating bills have increased yet it is not colder than usual outside, there could be a problem with the boiler. If the unit is old and inefficient, it can cause higher-than-normal heating bills.

It is important for the safety of the home and everyone in it that the homeowner can recognize the signs that it is time to replace their Boiler in Monroe NY. For information on the boilers available, visit Ramapowholesalers.com.

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