Why Should Homeowners Be Concerned About Damaged Shingles in Toledo Ohio?

A shingled roof can last as long as thirty years but can become damaged well before that. It is important homeowners conduct a roof inspection a couple of times a year to ensure any damage is found and repaired promptly. When a homeowner is noticing problems with their Shingles in Toledo Ohio, this means the structure of their roof is being compromised. There are several warnings signs that can alert homeowners of problems with their shingles.

* Missing shingles are an obvious problem that allows water to enter a home.
* Shingles may become cracked or torn and would need to be replaced.
* Large numbers of shingle sand in the gutters indicates the shingles are being worn down.
* Buckling of the shingles would require the affected shingles to be replaced.

In some cases, a roofing contractor can simply replace the missing or damaged shingles, so the roof is made whole again. If extensive damage has been done to the roof, it may be time for the roof to have new tar paper and shingles applied.

When leaks begin occurring because of shingle problems, a home can begin to experience water damage. Often, this damage goes unnoticed at first because the water is mainly leaking in the attic. Once a homeowner begins noticing water or mildew spots on their ceilings, this means their roof has been compromised and water is seeping through because the shingles are no longer offering full protection.

It is crucial roof inspections are carried out at least twice a year but may need to be done more often if a storm occurs. Shingles can sometimes lift or be torn away during periods of high winds or heavy rains. If a homeowner does not feel confident inspecting their roof, a roofing company will often carry out an inspection for them.

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