Why Invest in Floor Refinishing in NYC?

After deciding to get rid of the old carpeting in the living and dining rooms, the homeowner was in for a pleasant surprise. Underneath the padding was beautiful hardwood flooring. The discovery has the owner wondering if installing new carpeting is really the best way to go. Here are a few reasons why considering the idea of Floor Refinishing in NYC is worth the time and effort.

The Floors are Not in Bad Shape

Now that the padding is gone and the floors have been mopped, it’s obvious that the hardwood is not in bad shape. There are some flaws, but that is only to be expected after being covered for so long. A professional who is proficient with Floor Refinishing in NYC will know how to sand the floors and get rid of those flaws. Once the new stain is applied and some sort of sealant is added, those floors will look as if they were just installed.

The Wood Adds Warmth to the Home

Hardwood floors add charm and warmth to any type of home. Choosing to restore the floors will go a long way toward making the home more inviting. With the right area rugs used to define certain areas of the rooms, it’s easy to enjoy a combination of color, pattern, and natural elements in those spaces. In terms of visual interest, it’s hard to beat the look of hardwood flooring.

Maintenance is Easier Than Many Think

Taking care of hardwood floors is not as difficult as many people think. Day to day cleaning requires nothing more than a dust mop. If something is spilled on the floor, the protective coating will prevent it from seeping into the wood. A damp cloth can be used to clean up the mess, and a dry cloth is ideal for removing any remaining moisture. Compare that to dealing with hauling out the vacuum cleaner several times a week and arranging for a steam cleaning once or twice a year.

Restoring older hardwood floors will provide a number of other benefits. Talk with the team at New York Wood Flooring today and find out what it will take to make those floors look great again. Once the project is complete, the homeowner will never consider covering those floors again.

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