Why Hire a Residential Floor Preparation Service?

The variety of choices when it comes to home flooring can be overwhelming. It can seem like quite a task just to choose between the many varieties of hardwood, laminate, carpeting, and other options. Homeowners should recognize, however, that one element of quality flooring remains consistent: the need for adequate preparation. Hiring a Residential Floor Preparation Service prior to installation will ensure superior results. Any material is only as good as the amount of work that goes into preparing to put it in. But, what is typically involved in this process?

Removing the old floor may consist of different steps depending on what it was. The process required to remove carpet will depend on how it was attached and involves removing any adhesive, staples, or nails that are present in addition to pulling up the carpet itself to expose the subfloor. Linoleum and vinyl pose more challenges, as it is almost always held on with strong adhesive. Most subfloors are made of wood, which is a porous material capable of absorbing these adhesives.

It may be tempting to lay a new floor over the existing structure, but this will noticeably raise the level of the new floor above those in adjacent rooms. Doing this will present safety concerns for guests and elderly residents and will remove necessary clearance in areas like kitchens and bathrooms where doors need to open and appliances must be easily accessed for replacement.

Depending on what the room is used for and the quality of the existing subfloor, plywood or even self-leveling concrete may need to be installed before putting a new floor on. If it is damaged or worn the existing plywood subfloor may need to be removed and replaced. This requires additional tools and experience.

Although some homeowners opt to attempt do it yourself removal of old flooring, almost all end up calling in the pros due to the frustration that comes along with performing this seemingly simple task. Visit Website or Google+ for more information about a professional Residential Floor Preparation Service that can help to ensure that the new floor is laid correctly to look its best.

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