Why Granite is Popular for Countertops, Find an Expert in Aurora

Many homeowners in Aurora find that their countertops start looking forlorn, especially if they’ve owned their home for many decades. If you’re considering a renovation, you may want to choose granite for the countertop in the kitchen and bathroom because it looks beautiful and has a variety of other benefits.


Most people worry that such a natural stone isn’t going to work well for high-traffic areas. However, it is a hard stone that is quite durable, as long as you maintain it correctly. For example, the stone itself is porous, so you should ensure that it is properly sealed before it is installed. You may also need to reseal it periodically based on your manual or recommendations from the installation expert.

While it can take a little maintenance to keep it looking its best, it is tough and doesn’t break or scratch easily. Many homeowners put hot pans and pots directly on the surface without any scorching!


Most people prefer to have something that no one else has in their homes. While everyone on the block can have a granite countertop, each one looks different because the stone comes from the earth and is cut into slabs. Therefore, your countertop is going to look different from someone else’s, even if they’re cut from the same slab or location.


While you can find a variety of specialty cleaners on the market, if your countertop has been sealed, you only have to use regular soap and water. However, you shouldn’t use anything abrasive, acidic, or harsh, such as ammonia, scouring pads, or bleach.

Granite is an excellent option for countertops in a variety of areas of the home because it is unique and elegant. Visit Best Buy Carpet and Granite in Aurora for more information.

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