Why Commercial Buildings Can Benefit from a Cool Roof Coatings in Milwaukee, WI

Water is the enemy of roofing systems. A close second is a sun. Protect any commercial roof with a cool roof coating to seal out water and harmful UV rays.


There are several kinds of cool roof coatings that target specific adversary environmental factors. Some coatings are superior at keeping out water and resisting water pond formations. Others excel in reflecting UV rays and heat. Still others are used to repair damages and create new seals around windows and joints. If the building is located in an area with a lot of suns, you want a cool roof coating that has both water-resistant and sunlight-reflecting properties.


Regardless of the targeted need, all cool roof coatings in Milwaukee, WI should effectively seal any potential gaps in the seams of the roof. This ability alone will help maintain the integrity of the building over time. The coating should also help with pooling water and the sun’s rays. Some are better than others so do your research.

Ensure that the coating you choose will not develop mold over time due to water run-off. It is also important to make sure that the coating is applied properly for maximum benefits. Be sure to have a certified contractor follow the manufacturer’s directions for application. If the roof is older, consider replacing the roof completely and then coating the new one for lasting results.


Why bother with a cool roof coating in Milwaukee, WI? Although there is a cost to purchasing the system and having a contractor apply it, you will save a great deal on potential repairs down the road that will be avoided by initially coating the roof. You will also save on energy bills if there is air conditioning inside the building. In cool climates, the coating acts as a seal to trap much-needed heat into the building as well.

However, cool roofs are typically seen in hot climates as they are highly beneficial through heat and rain. Deflecting the sun’s rays not only helps prevent damage to the roof, but it keeps the building inside cooler as well. Most coatings also add an aesthetically pleasing touch to a commercial building.

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