Granite Is Perfect for Any Home or Business in Downers Grove

by | Jul 28, 2021 | Flooring

Since its founding in 1832 as a farming community, Downers Grove has since merged into Chicagoland. At the center of Downers Grove, you’ll find many 19th Century homes, including the Blodgett House, built-in 1846. The Blodgett House is a celebrated stop on the famed Underground Railroad.

But there has also been quite a lot of new construction in the village. As a result, there has been a strong demand for granite in Downers Grove, both for new construction and remodeling.

Downers Grove is not only famous for its historic homes, including two dozen Sears and Roebucks catalog homes, but also its unique boutique shopping and dining destinations. Not only are homeowners using granite for countertops and flooring, but the village’s trendy businesses are too. For example, extremely durable and fire-resistant granite is perfect for trendy, open-kitchen restaurants.

Granite not only blends perfectly with historic architecture but also lends a luxurious, modern appeal to new homes. New homes can benefit from granite in Downers Grove since it adds functionality, beauty and increases property value.

While most people think of granite as a dark gray, speckled stone, the fact is, it comes in many finishes. You can find white, marble-like granite, black granite, and granite with golden brown veins. The fact is, there is a slab of granite in Downers Grove that will fit with any color scheme or style of décor.

Best Buy Interior Finishes has every type of granite available for your Downers Grove home or business remodeling project.

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