Ways to Reduce Glass Repairs in Sparks NV

by | Jan 27, 2017 | Home Improvement

Glass Repairs in Sparks NV for a home or business are an inconvenience. People have to call a company, make an appointment, and wait for a technician to arrive. The broken glass has to be cleaned up, and the area boarded up for security, if same day service is not available. Frequent repairs can get expensive quickly, especially for buildings with more than one floor. Accidents will happen and glass will crack or break, but there are a few ways to reduce the need for repairs.

One way is to install tempered glass instead of regular glass. Tempered glass is heat-treated to be stronger so it can resist impacts from foreign objects and not crack or chip easily. Security glass is also a strong option that works well in commercial locations. Reinforced glass is available for high-security preferences. Fire rated and bullet resistant glass will also withstand certain impacts without breaking or cracking. Treated glass is a bit more expensive initially, but is more cost-effective long-term. Owners and building managers can Browse the Site for details on different types of glass and the differences in strength and security.

Putting up exterior shutters will also help reduce Glass Repairs in Sparks NV. Strong winds, heavy rains, and tree limbs can easily break and crack windows due to speed and force. Closed shutters provide a substantial layer of protection against the elements, as well as poorly aimed baseballs or golf balls. It is impractical to keep shutters closed at all times because they block out natural light. Shutting them at night, during storms, or when not at home is sufficient to reduce the risks of breaking glass. This option is suitable for homes and small buildings.

Keeping windows clean is another way to protect windows from damage. This is especially true for cracks. Any debris buildup on a window can cause a crack or chip with the lightest impact. Sand or dirt forced across the window by wind, for example, can cause a crack. Dirt and debris also put weight and pressure on glass, which weakens it. Small amounts of dirt are normal and are not likely to contribute to damage, but buildup over time increases the risk of cracks. There is no way to prepare for sudden accidents, but a few simple steps can protect windows and save time and money for building owners.

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