Understanding Your HVAC System in Jacksonville Fl

The majority of homes in America now make use of a central air conditioner to maintain the preferred climate in the home. This type of HVAC Jacksonville Fl makes use of supply and return ducts to circulate cool air throughout the home. The supply ducts and registers move the cool air from the unit to the house. This air then warms as it moves through the home, and return ducts and registers carry it back to the unit t be cooled again. Understanding the types of HVAC units today is the first step in determining which option is right for the home.

A packaged HVAC unit contains a condenser, evaporator, and compressor within one cabinet, and this cabinet is typically situated on a concrete slab next to the home or on the home’s roof. Many small commercial buildings make use of this type of unit also. Air supply and return ducts are located within the home’s roof or exterior wall where they are then connected to the air conditioner unit outdoors. In addition, this type of unit includes electric heating coils to heat the home during the cooler months or a furnace that uses natural gas for the same purpose.

The other type of HVAC Jacksonville Fl that is commonly seen is the split-system central air conditioner. Here a metal cabinet containing the compressor and condenser is located outdoors, while an indoor unit houses the evaporator. As with the packaged system, some split-system units also contain the interior portion of a heat pump or a furnace to heat the home. Here the evaporator coil will be found, and many homeowners who already have a furnace in the home choose this option.

Find more information about these two types of HVAC units here. Homeowners need to consider numerous things when making this decision, as the right system maintains the appropriate climate in the home. The wrong unit, however, leads to higher energy bills and less efficient cooling. If any questions remain, an HVAC technician can be of great help in determining which unit is best for a residence. These individuals are trained to help consumers find the right unit for their needs.

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