Tips for Off-Season Pool Maintenance in League City

While adequate preparation and winterizing can go a long way toward ensuring a backyard pool makes it through the off-season unscathed, it doesn’t completely negate the need for on-going maintenance. Owners who are preparing for their first winters with pools should do some research before installing their covers and calling it a day. Read on to find out about a few helpful tips for off-season pool maintenance in League City that can help.

Prevent Freezing

As winter approaches, make sure to check the pool’s pipes and motorized parts. The water should be drained from its pump, heater, and filter and should be drained to a level of around four to six inches below its skimmer to prevent freeze damage. When air temperatures begin to near freezing points, it’s a good idea to switch the pool’s filter over to continuous operation as well, as this can help to prevent the water from freezing.

Keep the Pool Cover Clean

Just about every pool owner knows that it’s essential to keep the pool covered through the winter months. Not all of them realize how important it is to keep the cover clean, though. Not only will it prevent dirt and debris from finding their way in and it will also help to deter wildlife from attempting to walk on the cover.

Keep an Eye on the Pool

Head out periodically to check the pool and its cover. If the cover appears to be leaking or has come detached, make sure to fix it immediately. Pool owners who use air pillows should check these devices to make sure that they are not going flat and should make any necessary repairs or replacements as needed.

Check Chemical Levels

Chlorine levels should be checked bi-weekly and more tablets added as necessary. The water should also be tested, balanced, and shocked on a monthly basis. These steps must be taken even if winterizing chemicals have been added before closing the pool.

Open Early

Be sure to open the pool early when spring rolls around instead of waiting until the water has already gotten too warm. This will help to prevent the buildup of algae and make in-season Pool Maintenance in League City much easier. Those who want help with winterizing their pools or providing them with ongoing off-season maintenance can contact Cryer Pools to learn more about their services today.

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