4 Benefits of Getting Customized Painting Services

by | Oct 17, 2018 | Painting

When it is time for home Interior Or Exterior Painting you could do the job yourself. However, it is a lot easier when you take advantage of custom painting companies. They offer a number of benefits and here are four good reasons to check out your local custom painters today.

1. Interior Services

Custom painters like Caldwell Painting can handle any paint job inside your home, and they offer complete services. From example, they protect your furniture and flooring before they start and make sure to keep dust to a minimum when sanding. They also take care of holes in walls, old paint drips, and many other imperfections, to give you a perfect paint job.

2. Exterior Services

Professional Exterior Painters take great pride in the work they do. For instance, they make sure to clean siding, remove mildew, and replace bad wood. If they have to sand or scrape, they prime the wood before final painting. Your custom Painting Contractors do not paint home exteriors if the temperatures get too low. This ensures a quality paint job.

3. Wallpaper

Painting over old wallpaper can create problems because it could peel off (and take your new paint with it). If you need wallpaper removal, your custom painters can handle the job. They have several methods proven to work, and the method they use depends on your wallpaper.

4. Have it Your Way

Custom painting is all about giving you exactly what you want. Your custom painting professionals can give you any kind of paint, colors, and combinations you can visualize. This includes cabinet refinishing to save you money on new cabinets. All of this work comes with the 5 Year Warranty! You get the highest quality at affordable prices, and you do not have to lift a finger. When your painters finish, they make sure everything is clean and in order.

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