Tips for Choosing Bathroom Showers in Kansas City

Bathrooms tend to be one of the rooms people pay the most attention to when looking for a new home. This means it’s important to do a good job designing just the right bathroom, including choosing the right Bathroom Showers in Kansas City.

Stand-Alone or With a Bathtub

These days many people are leaning toward universal design features in their homes. This type of design is geared toward making the home generally accessible. In the case of bathrooms, it often means curbless showers and conveniently located grab bars. People in wheelchairs can then roll right into the shower in a shower wheelchair, and children and elderly people don’t need to worry about tripping on the way into the shower like they sometimes do when there’s a curb to get into the shower, or it’s necessary to step over the side of a bathtub. People who don’t use bathtubs tend to forgo them altogether and use shower enclosures, which can make the bathroom look more spacious and give more room for showering. However, it is best to keep at least one bathtub in the house.

Type of Shower Head

Another consideration when choosing Bathroom Showers in Kansas City is the type of showerhead. There are a wide variety of different options. These include fixed showerheads that are permanently mounted as well as hand-held showerheads attached to flexible hoses, so there is more control over where the water is directed. Hand-held options are particularly useful for people with children or pets or those who’ve been injured or have limited mobility. Within these two categories, there are also some shower heads that are water saving. These shower heads help limit overall water usage well still providing a comfortable flow. People with homes that don’t have a lot of water pressure may want to look into special shower heads that help to deal with this problem.

Type of Door

Some people just use a shower curtain to close off the area around the shower, especially when it is a shower installed over a bathtub. However, in other cases, a glass enclosure may be used. In these cases, the door can slide to the side to open or swing out, depending on the preference of the homeowner.

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