Risks Associated with Raccoon Removal in Westerville, OH

by | Jul 24, 2018 | Animal Removal

Raccoons may look cute when they’re just living it up out in the wild, but they can cause a good deal of damage if they are allowed to take up residence in or near families’ homes. Unfortunately, these critters are adept at finding food sources near places of human habitation, so it’s not at all uncommon for Ohio residents to deal with them on a routine basis.

Some readers may be thinking that these animals are fairly harmless and that they should be able to tackle removing the offending creatures themselves. Before rushing out to buy traps, they may want to take a look at the following risks associated with Raccoon Removal in Westerville OH.

The possibility of Roundworm Transmission

Raccoon droppings often contain roundworm eggs. These can be transmitted to pets and even people, causing potentially serious health concerns such as eye problems and brain damage. Households that have pets or children are more susceptible than most to roundworm problems and should always consider hiring a professional instead of attempting raccoon removals themselves.

The possibility of Rabies Transmission

In addition to being frequent carriers of roundworms, raccoons can be afflicted with the rabies virus. This is fatal to both household pets and humans who do not seek treatment before symptoms appear. Given the severity of this disease, it’s absolutely essential for anyone entrusted with the task of raccoon removal in Westerville OH to have both a knowledge of rabies and its symptoms as well as access to the protective gear they need to avoid its transmission.

The possibility of Distemper Virus

While humans are not susceptible to distemper, household pets are. It’s always best to avoid having these beloved furry friends exposed to the virus even if they have been inoculated against it, as no vaccine is 100% effective.

The possibility of Personal Injury

In addition to carrying these and other potentially harmful diseases, improper handling of raccoons can also cause personal injuries through scratches and bites. The only effective way to protect family members and household pets from potential harm is to hire a professional who can remove these nuisance animals quickly without risk to human or animal health and welfare. Find more information on how to get started online today.

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