Replacing A Broken Window In Santa Clarita CA

by | Jan 20, 2016 | Home Improvement

When a glass pane becomes cracked, a replacement should be done right away to ensure no one becomes injured should the pane fall from the frame. When a larger pane breaks, it becomes necessary to hire a glass company that knows how to replace a Broken Window in Santa Clarita CA. Smaller panes may be able to be replaced by the homeowner if they use the following tips.

When replacing a small glass pane, the homeowner should first take measurements of the pane needed to bring to a glass service. They will be able to cut custom pieces of glass to use. They should then place a tarp on the ground on each side of where the window is located. This will keep shards of glass from injuring anyone as the tarp will contain them safely.

The homeowner can use masking tape or painter’s tape to help keep the glass from shattering. If they stick tape over the affected glass, diagonally from corner to corner, forming an X shape, the glass will be less likely to become scattered when it is removed. They can then use the wooden handle of a hammer to tap on the glass until it loosens from the frame. A pair of needle nose pliers can be used to remove any small slivers.

Have someone stand on the other side of the window to help hold the new pane in place. Glass putty should be used to hold the glass inside the frame. This is a pliable material that is rolled out into cylindrical shapes. It is then centered parallel to the edge of the glass and pressed over it to seal it into the frame. After it dries, any excess can be removed with a razor blade or utility knife. The window can then be repainted if necessary.

When someone needs to replace a Broken Window in Santa Clarita CA, they can get a contractor to do the work for them if necessary. They can order the glass from a glass supplier as well. For more information, visit the website and make an appointment if desired.

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