Regular Home Care for Dishwashers in Lancaster Pennsylvania

by | Jul 12, 2016 | Appliance

Having an automatic dishwasher in a house makes the chore of washing the dishes a breeze. Instead of having to scrub each dish by hand, the dishwasher can handle most of the dirty work on its own. In order to keep a dishwasher in working condition without any problems, it is important to perform regular maintenance on it. There are several things homeowners should do to keep their Dishwashers Lancaster Pennsylvania running smoothly.

Clean Around the Door

The only thing keeping water from rushing onto the kitchen floor is the door of the dishwasher. All dishwashers in Lancaster Pennsylvania have a watertight seal, usually made out of rubber, that fits around the door frame. Dirt often collects on this seal. If it is not cleaned regularly, the dirt may cause a small leak to form in the seal. Simply use a damp rag or a soft brush to wipe away any grime.

Check the Screen

All dishwashers have a screen or filter covering the water drain. This prevents large particles from clogging the drain. With regular use, leftover food or dirt may become lodged on the screen. It is important to check the appearance of the screen before each use. If debris is found, use a clean cloth to remove it. This will make sure the dishwasher is able to fully drain without any issue.

Run an Empty Cycle

Most dishwashers are only used when they are full of dirty dishes. However, running an empty cycle once a month will help clean out the inside of the unit. Instead of using a normal detergent, simply use a cup of white vinegar in the dishwasher. The vinegar will work to remove any rust or staining from the dishwasher. If not cleaned, this staining can actually transfer to the dishes. This easy step will keep the inside of the dishwasher spotless.

A dishwasher is a modern appliance that many homeowners take for granted. Doing simple home maintenance on the appliance will keep it running for many years. Remember to clean all parts of the dishwasher and remove any debris from the inside. Visit website to learn more about the latest features on new dishwasher models.

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