Don’t Throw Your Machine Away When Maytag Repair In Shrewsbury MA Can Fix It

by | Jan 31, 2018 | Appliance

A broken appliance in a home is frustrating when the clothes can’t be washed, and the food in the refrigerator is going to spoil. Appliances are a necessity for every home to keep them operating smoothly. A Maytag Repair in Shrewsbury MA will quickly arrive and get a home’s appliance operating again.

An appliance repair technician will perform work on all major appliances including washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, ovens, ranges, and dishwashers. Repair of an appliance costs only a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one. The appliance repair company should provide the owner with an estimate of the repairs before the unit is replaced.


Dishwashers will show a variety of signs they need to be repaired. Dishwashers that don’t fill or aren’t properly cleaning pots, pans, dishes or cups, might need to be cleaned. Hard water will cause a buildup in the lines and around the float at the bottom of the dishwasher causing it to not work properly.

Washing Machines

If a washing machine is not spinning the water out of the clothes or isn’t agitating properly, Maytag Repair in Shrewsbury MA will need to be performed. The longer an owner continues to operate the machine without it being repaired, the more damage it will cause. Bearings in a washing machine will cause the machine to be incredibly loud during the spin cycle.


The coils on the refrigerator should be regularly vacuumed to keep the dust, dirt, and debris from causing the refrigerator to overheat. The condenser coils, drip pans, and gaskets should be kept clean to extend the life of the refrigerator and keep energy costs low.


Maintenance on appliances should be regularly performed to extend their useful life, including replacing washer hoses, cleaning the dryer vent, replacing oven seals when they become cracked, and water filters replaced in refrigerators. Minor maintenance will lessen the chance for an appliance to develop a serious and costly repair.

Your appliance’s warranty will only cover repairs if maintenance has been performed by a trained technician. If you repair or replace something on your own, it could void the warranty and cost more money to fix. Schedule an appointment for maintenance to keep all of your appliances working great.

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