Questions and Answers About Ants Control Services In Alexandria VA

by | Jun 14, 2018 | Pest Control

One of the most common pests that individuals have inside their homes are ants. These tiny insects seem to appear out of nowhere and take over kitchen counter tops and pantries. Individuals who have ants in their home should read the questions and answers below to learn about Ants Control Services in Alexandria VA.

Why do ants come into the house and how do they get inside?

Ants generally make their way into a person’s home because of survival, and they’re looking for food and water. Homes are a safe place for ants to create their colonies and structures protect them from the weather, and from other insects who see them as a food source.

Since ants are tiny, it’s easy for them to find their way into a home and there are many areas that allow them easy access. These include cracks in the walls, foundation and window frames. Ants will also enter where there’s small openings, such as underneath the door, in window screens and where holes are drilled for utility lines.

Are there ways that individuals can keep ants from coming inside their home?

Individuals may not be able to safeguard their entire house from ants, but there are many things they can do to make it more difficult for them to get in. Sealing all holes and cracks in the home is a good place to start. Individuals should also make their home less attractive to ants by keeping their kitchen clean and all food items sealed.

What should homeowners do if they have an ant infestation inside their home?

It may not be difficult for homeowners to get rid of a few ants on their own, but if ants have built colonies in the house, it’s wise to call a professional. A qualified technician who specializes in Ants Control Services in Alexandria VA will treat the entire house for ants, which includes destroying their colonies.

Individuals in Alexandria who want to take the necessary steps to get rid of the ants in their home can contact PMSI. This family owned company specializes in pest management services and mold remediation. Browse the site to discover more information about their guaranteed services and to request a free estimate.

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