Protecting Employees When Awaiting Glass Repair in St. Louis MO

by | Feb 9, 2017 | Home Improvement

When a business has a glass pane that suffers from a shattering incident, it will be important to call a service that does Glass Repair in St. Louis MO promptly. When waiting for this service to show up to do assess the situation, it will be important to take some steps in keeping those in the area safe. Failing to take precautions could lead to unfortunate injury. Here are some tips those in the business can use to ensure all employees, customers, and visitors are kept safe in the establishment when a glass pane has broken.

Add Signs To Alert Those Present About The Break

It is a good idea to put several signs in the are of the broken pane of glass so those who will utilizing the space will know to be cautious. Signs can be placed on easels to help make people aware of the problem. Signs can also be affixed to walls in the nearby vicinity of the broken window so those in the area will know to stay away from the glass.

Place Pieces Of Cardboard Over The Broken Portion

Cardboard pieces can be taped over the broken portion of the glass pane. This will work well if the break is not large. Center the cardboard over a crack or whole and tape it to the pane with pieces of painter’s tape. Placing cardboard on each side of the pane is favorable if the window is located on a lower level of the building.
Consider Diverting People To Other Areas Of The Building

Alert those using the building to take other entrances and hallways to get to their destinations. A sign can be placed on the front door of the building indicating which portion of the business is closed. This will allow for the repair service to use the area to install a new pane without worry about others being in the area.

When there is a need to have a someone come to a business to do a Glass Repair in St. Louis MO, it will be necessary to find a business with great pricing and prompt service. Contact A M Richards Glass Co Inc to find out more today!

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