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Fences are ideal for marking off the edge of a property and providing security to the buildings and people within. They can be an attractive landscaping feature as well, blending in with the look of a yard. When considering adding a fence to a property, here are some of the great options available from Fencing Companies in Nassau County.


Due to being much stronger than wood, PVC is a very durable fencing material. One of its most useful features is that it is impervious to water, which makes it popular for use around swimming pools. Frequent exposure to water can cause rot in wood or rust on metal, but PVC will last. It also doesn’t need much maintenance. If it gets dirty, washing it off will make it look like new.


Available in black fencing that resembles traditional wrought iron, aluminum sets itself apart by not rusting, whereas iron will rust over time. Aluminum is also exceptional as a security fence due to its strength and the option to put spikes at the top. Chain link fencing can be cut through by a determined criminal, but aluminum is made of much thicker components that stand up to abuse.


What makes cedar fencing stand out is its remarkable beauty, which enhances any yard it is constructed in. But it also has other benefits. Cedar contains a natural compound that repels insects. Because it is more flexible and durable than other kinds of wood fencing, it will be less susceptible to rot and hold up better to the weather.

Chain Link

Due to being one of the most affordable kinds of fencing, chain link stays popular. Its low cost makes it the perfect choice for large properties that need a lot of fencing. Many people also appreciate being able to see through a chain link fence, which can allow for a great view of scenery outside of the yard, or be useful for security purposes. It is surprisingly tough and needs little maintenance.

After deciding to get a fence, be sure to consider all the types of fencing available. Fencing Companies in Nassau County will be able to give additional advice about the right choice for a yard. Visit here to learn more about all the great fencing options there are to choose from.

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