Considering Home Plans With Attached Four-Stall Garages From Building Contractors in Tulsa, OK

by | Jan 15, 2016 | Home Improvement

People who want to have a new custom home built may need a garage with at least four stalls. They might like the idea of having the garage attached to the home while also not being sure whether that could possibly look aesthetically pleasing. Conferring with custom home Building Contractors in Tulsa OK, will help these people envision various floor plans that include four-stall garages.

Houses increasingly have three-stall attached garages, but many individuals don’t find the typical designs to be appealing. Often, the garage consists of a two-door stall and a separate one-door stall placed on the front side of the house at one side. That can greatly dominate the exterior of the home. However, more intriguing floor plans show different ways to include a very large garage.

For example, Building Contractors in Tulsa OK, can include the garage space as an intrinsic part of the home itself instead of an essentially separate area. Living accommodations can be built over the structure, allowing the garage to become an intrinsic part of the home design. This works with a multistory house or one built on a hillside with the garage at the bottom. A large garage also can be hidden from street view by having it on one side of the house or even at the back. Another possibility is a garage to one side of the house that includes a guest apartment, home office, or workshop above it. This allows for privacy from the rest of the living space.

In many houses, the garage seems too noticeable because it doesn’t blend in well with the home design. It typically is a structure off to the side with a large plain door. Instead, someone planning a custom home floor might have the contractor choose garage doors that match the house design or complement it well. Carriage doors can be lovely, for example, enhancing the look of the home’s exterior.

A contractor such as Ruhl Construction customizes a variety of floor plans for people who want a truly special home. Visit the website to view some designs and to get contact information.

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