Innovative Advances in Illuminations Lighting is Transforming Spaces

Installing new illuminations lighting in Victoria homes can be a wonderful and rewarding home improvement project this year. Innovative advances in lighting designs are allowing homeowners to add truly unique lighting fixtures able to perfectly capture everyone’s style preferences. LED is being used by more lighting manufacturer these days, and vintage lighting favorites are getting a new twist that customers will love.

An Overview of New Lighting Trends This Year

Rustic lighting fixtures have been all the rage this past year. These lighting fixtures will still be present in the coming year, but some lighting design experts are using timeless vintage light fixtures that have an added and authentic design twist that captures the attention immediately and provides various light levels. Consider a classic crystal and metallic chandelier that utilizes stunning sparkling layers of crystal in a suspended whirlpool design or try a black chandelier for a more exotic look and feel.

Pay Attention to New Lighting Material Options

More lighting manufacturers are focusing on beautiful new illuminations lighting for Victoria area homes that highlight fresh new material choices. Examples include ultra-luxurious white or colored marble bases in floor and table lamps, and sensational light and airy natural fibers like rattan, driftwood, wicker and other delightful woven grasses artfully combined with other elegant material selections like natural finish brass.

Create Focal Point Lighting That Makes a Statement

This year’s unveiled newer lighting trends include big and bolder lighting statements, original geometrical shapes and more options in horizontal ceiling mounted light fixtures instead of the traditional vertical light drop seen in past decades. Many interior designers are playing with modern linear light fixtures that naturally create an enticing space focal point that draws the eye.

Consider some of these ideas for impressive illumination lighting from a Victoria lighting company the next time you want to change up the ambiance of your home with new lighting.

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