Homeowner Questions About The Need For New Gutter Installation Service In Tacoma, WA

When the gutters on a roof aren’t functioning correctly, the rain can cause damage to roof components and the exterior structure of the house. Placing durable and reliable gutters on the home is much less expensive than repairing a roof or house that’s been damaged by water. Read the questions and answers below to learn the reasons homeowners may need new gutter installation service in Tacoma, WA.

Q.) How can homeowners tell if their gutters aren’t functioning properly?

A.) The most obvious sign of failing gutters is seeing the gutters on the ground or hanging loosely from the house. Homeowners can inspect the joints of the gutters and if the joints are coming apart, this is another reason why new gutters are needed. If the rain is falling out of the side of the gutter and running down the house, this means the gutters aren’t working properly. Homeowners should inspect the area around the foundation of the home and look for signs of water puddles. If water settles around the outside of the house, this is an indication that the water isn’t properly flowing through the downspouts.

Q.) What kind of house damage is common with malfunctioning gutters?

A.) When the rain leaks out of the sides of the gutters and down the side of the house, this can rot the wood structure. Gutter hangers that tear loose from the house can cause damage to the side of the roof. When rain settles along the home’s foundation, it can eventually leak into the basement. When homeowners have a wet or damp basement, mold and mildew will grow and the basement will have an odor. As soon as homeowners notice any problems with their gutters they should contact a company that specializes in new gutter installation service in Tacoma, WA as soon as possible. The problems that are caused by faulty gutters will only get worse and the damage will become more expensive to repair.

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