Hiring Painters in Torrance to Add Stripes to Interior Walls

Commercial property owners and homeowners might become interested in hiring painters in Torrance to not only repaint rooms but to add decorative effects. Painting horizontal or vertical stripes is just one example of effects that can cause significant changes in a room’s appearance.

Vertical and Horizontal Effects

Vertical stripes are useful when the intent is to create an illusion of the ceiling being higher. Horizontal stripes make a room appear more spacious. Property owners commonly want to hire professional painters in Torrance for this work because it can be difficult to complete precisely and without any stray marks.

The Wallpaper Effect

Horizontal and vertical stripes can be added sparingly as accent pieces or can be painted as main parts of the wall decor. The inclusion of numerous stripes is reminiscent of wallpaper; many people who come inside are likely to think the wall is papered unless they give it a very close look.

This is an ideal way to see what wallpaper would look like in the room without having to spend the extra money. Later, that material could be installed for a long-term decorative solution if everyone really likes the striped effect.

Styles and Colors

The property owners may want to view galleries online of striping in interior paint before making a firm decision because there are so many possibilities. The stripes can be thin or thick, multicolored or with a single hue, black and white, or with variations within one color only. The project can be completed by painters with CC Cleaning & Maintenance.

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