Give Your Business a Facelift with a Commercial Door Replacement in Columbus, IN

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Doors and Windows

Whether you operate a retail business or a marketing office, a workplace entryway is a reflection of a company’s image and brand. Structures that need obvious repairs can make an unfavorable impression on customers and employees. If your office building could use a little refreshing, a Commercial Door Replacement in Columbus IN can have a positive impact.

Replacing an existing door with a similar structure or selecting an entirely different design are both smart choices for improving a building’s exterior. You can opt to replace only the door or renovate an entire storefront with new windows and handrails. Companies can select from a variety of door styles including traditional designs or contemporary-style automatic doors.

Framed Glass Doors for Small Business Storefronts

Glass doors are a cost-effective, attractive way to welcome customers. They are a popular option for companies that receive a substantial amount of foot traffic. These transparent doorways provide an interior glimpse of a building while reaping the benefits of natural lighting too. Storefronts that are located in a commercial business district will appreciate the public exposure that glass doors provide.

Glass Type Can Affect Security Level

While a glass door certainly has aesthetic appeal, some business owners are concerned about its safety features. Broken glass can lead to injuries and inventory theft. To fully protect your business, selecting the proper type of glass can provide additional security benefits.

Tempered glass is more durable than common plate glass and able to withstand some contact without shattering. A protective coating film can also be applied to the glass for further safety. Laminated glass is the preferred choice for exterior doors and entryways. It can hold up to excessive force and will, typically, remain in one piece after breakage. Since a laminate doorway does not shatter, it still keeps your business protected from intruders and weather elements if damaged.

Fast Repairs Keep a Business Running Smoothly

In addition to broken glass, other issues can warrant repairs or a complete Commercial Door Replacement in Columbus IN. Doors that don’t properly close or glass that fogs up continuously are two typical problems. Let unchecked; they can affect energy efficiency and the attractiveness of an entrance. If you are considering installing a new glass doorway for your business or need repairs on an existing door, you can get more information beforehand about the brands, styles, and types of glass available.

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