Four Types of Apartment Washing Services in Baltimore, MD

Apartments are typically filled with numerous families with members that come and go regularly from the premises. For this reason, apartment building owners need to keep up the appearance of the building, both inside and outside. Apartment Washing Services in Baltimore MD include four main types. Each of these should be completed regularly to keep an apartment building in the pristine condition that families can look forward to seeing when they come home.

Power Washing

The exterior of the building should be power washed by a professional. This will remove any built-up dirt and grime and leave the building in the best condition possible. It eliminates debris that could eat away at the building’s surface.

Commercial Washing for Parking Garages

Many apartment complexes either have a parking garage or carport for residents to park. These areas should also be washed regularly, eliminating any oil stains or marks from leaking car fluid. It is usually ideal to have this completed during the day while many of the residents are typically elsewhere. A notice should be put in to all residents so they are sure to move their vehicles and leave the parking lot empty during this time frame.

Window Cleaning

The windows also need to be cleaned around an apartment. A low-pressure washing may be ideal in this situation as it will get the windows clean without having a blast of water that is too powerful. Some companies may only handle the exterior windows, leaving the interior to a basic cleaning company. Others may handle the interior as well if requested.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

A soft wash roof cleaning is ideal for apartment buildings with an older-style roof. A strong power wash would be much too powerful for the roof to handle. A soft wash is better suited to getting the roof clean while also maintaining its durability.

Apartment Washing Service in Baltimore MD come in a variety of choices. Each of them is ideal to complete on a regular basis so the apartment building is always left in pristine condition. Apartment owners in need of washing services can contact Mr. Clean Power Washing LLC. They offer all of these services and more.

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