Expert Tips on Picking Designer Upholstery Fabric

Shopping for sofa fabric? Follow expert tips on what to pick. Here’s how to zero in on options you’ll love and can live with for years.

Consider wear and tear

How much wear will your sofa suffer? If you have kids or a pet, then you’ll want to steer clear of delicate options and pick out durable ones instead like cotton fabric, as these can be washed when necessary. That way, you won’t have to worry about spills. Other durable options include corduroys and microfiber blends, Real Homes says. If you’re looking for designer upholstery fabric, though, go for velvet or chenille. Textured blends with wool can be a great option too.

Think about cleaning needs

That velvet fabric may look good now but think about what it will look like in five years. If you’re worried about scratches or scuffs, then distressed leather can be a great choice. Delicate options like silk may pull, though, and be quite unforgiving with stains. If you want easy cleaning needs in the future, look for fabrics that will be easy to maintain.

Consider the piece

If you’re browsing through designer upholstery fabric options for a curvaceous piece of furniture, it’s best that you stick to solid colors. Patterns or textures may not upholster well, especially since some patterns may not look great when you finally transfer them on your sofa.

Pick the right shade

You may also want to stick to a neutral shade. Use small items to bring color to your space like pillows or rugs. Make sure everything in your interiors works together and that means matching up the fabric’s color with the rest of the room. If you love quirky pieces, go neutral to give them an elegant vibe. For simpler pieces, try out pops of color. That’s going to help it stand out in your room.

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