Consider Glass Block Replacement Windows

Glass block windows have typically been used in basements and bathrooms, but more and more these days homeowners are using them as replacement windows in Baltimore, MD. They show a unique sense of style over and above standard single and double pane windows. They are not something you see every day and are just a rare enough sight to make your home the showpiece of the neighborhood.

Privacy Benefits

One of the best things that glass block windows do is provide privacy. That is why they have typically been used in baths in basements. Many homeowners now want walls of windows in their homes and if you have a bedroom or one wall is completely glass you may want to use an Ice or Diamond pattern. This will allow you have privacy, but will still allow a great deal of natural light into the room. If you are looking to increase curb appeal along with privacy, maybe you want to install Diamond glass block windows on either side of your front door.

Aesthetic Appeal

Do you have a walkway between your home in your garage? When people drive past your home can you imagine how dramatic that walkway will look if it has glass block replacement windows in the Baltimore, MD area? These days homeowners are always looking forward to the next trend in home design. You don’t even have to be stuck the same old designs. Glass block windows now come in colors, designs; you can even have them customized and etched.

Energy Efficient

Glass block windows are built to meet all Federal guidelines regarding energy efficiency. They have been designed to be airtight and to keep your warm or cool air indoors in the nasty weather out. If you are interested in glass block replacement windows, visit us at Master Seal Doors and Windows.

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