Bathroom Remodeling in Plainview NY: Better Accessibility for Disabled Individuals

Many homeowners decide it’s time for Bathroom Remodeling in Plainview NY because of a health condition someone in the household has developed or because they have a disabled relative move in. For example, the room must be made safer and more accessible for a person with multiple sclerosis who has episodes of weakness or coordination problems. Someone with severe rheumatoid arthritis symptoms has trouble gripping and turning doorknobs, and sink knob handles or standing in a shower.

Creating Extra Space

This type of Bathroom Remodeling in Plainview NY may require removing certain features to create extra space for a shower with a bench and a larger, taller toilet fixture. Someone who must enter the bathroom with a walker also needs additional space. If at all possible, it’s best to keep one cabinet where essentials can be stored. That includes at least a few towels and washcloths.

More Accessible Showers and Bathtubs

A bathtub may need to be removed to provide easier and safer access to a shower for someone who has trouble stepping over the edge. In contrast, the person may prefer a walk-in bathtub with a door and a separate shower. This project can be completed if the room is large enough. Most real estate experts recommend keeping at least one bathtub in the home, but that isn’t always possible with space limitations.

Aesthetic Appearance

A more accessible bathroom does not have to be institutional in appearance. In fact, a remodeling project designed and completed by a company such as Center Island Contracting Inc. can transform the look of the room, making it more stylish and updated. Tile walls that scream the 1960s can be replaced, as can linoleum flooring that has seen better days.

Grab bars near the toilet and shower can be sleek and subtle. This type of feature in a shower or tub often doubles as part of a sturdy built-in soap holder. It’s not immediately obvious what the practical purpose of that particular bar is, as it looks decorative. With all these changes to a bathroom, household residents and their guests who need better accessibility feel more at ease.

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