6 Ideas for Fantastic Exterior Lighting

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Lighting Designers and Suppliers

Fixing your outdoor lightning is crucial to maintaining your landscape. Here are a few ideas you can go for:

Know why

Before you shop for exterior lighting in South Miami, you’ll want to know the different types of lighting to help you figure out which one is right for your yard, patio, garden or deck. Do you need overall light, task lighting or accent lighting? Determine what you need so you can shop with clear buying goals in mind.

Visualize it

Walk around at night then pick out the spots where you could add exterior lights. If you want to start entertaining more people out in your garden, then you’ll want to put in lighting systems that factor those plans or any other future plans you might have.

Upgrade bulbs

Your lights won’t work forever. You’ll want to regularly upgrade your bulbs but leave your fixtures behind, says the Family Handyman especially if your fixtures are still in good condition.

Switch to LED

If you want better cost-savings in the long run, then consider switching to LED bulbs. However, these bulbs could cost you much more than the asking price for regular bulbs. However, knowing that these bulbs could last for as long as 20 years should more than make up for those upfront costs.

Don’t overlap

Plenty of deck lighting out there is all about building the right ambiance for your outdoor space. You’ll want to avoid mounting fixtures too close together, though. Doing so could result in overlapping lights on your patio, deck or garden. That’s a waste of perfectly good lighting that you could easily use someplace else.

Experiment with indirect lighting

You might also want to go for indirect illumination when you think about shopping for exterior lighting in South Miami. For instance, you want to light up your patio. Think about lighting the objects round it instead, like the trees and boulders for dramatic and visually appealing results.

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