5 Advantages of Casement Window Installation in Minneapolis

For those considering replacing a home’s windows, casement windows have tremendous benefits. A casement window has one sash and is equipped with side hinges, and it opens vertically via a hand crank. Below are a few more advantages of Casement Window Installation in Minneapolis.

Simple, Easy Operation

The cranks used to open and close casement windows are useful when windows are installed in out-of-the-way places, such as above furniture, sinks, and countertops. Customers don’t have to worry about pushing the window open or reaching up to close it, as most cranks are placed at the window base. This arrangement makes it very easy to open and close casement windows.

Increased Energy Efficiency

New casement windows are near the top of the energy efficiency list, right after fixed pane windows. When they are closed, casement windows have an airtight seal that prevents heated or cooled air from getting out of the home.

Wider Opening and Better Ventilation

Unlike other window types that only open halfway horizontally or vertically, casement windows can be opened completely. This allows a refreshing breeze to come in on a hot summer day, and it makes it easier to freshen the home after the cold of winter.

Better Home Security

The locks on new casement windows are installed in the frame, which offers enhanced security and safety for homeowners. The customer can choose how wide they want to open the windows, which decreases the home’s vulnerability.

Greater Versatility

Today’s casement windows come in multiple materials and styles including those listed below.

  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl
  • Fiberglass
  • Wood
  • Architectural
  • Impact-resistant

Consult a local installer for help with Casement Window Installation in Minneapolis. Local companies know the climate around Minneapolis, and they can suggest window types that are a great fit for the home, the weather, and the homeowner’s budget.

Casement windows from a local installer come with the advantages listed above plus premium materials and U.S. manufacturing. Casement windows are a fine choice for business owners and homeowners who need versatility, safety, and durability. For help choosing the right windows or to schedule a consultation, call or visit Business Name today.

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