3 Reasons Consumers Pick Granite for their Countertops

by | Mar 25, 2019 | Home Improvement

For the countertops in your home, you have several options for the material. You can pick among soapstone, quartz, and marble as well as ceramic tile, laminate and butcher block. Granite has become a popular material request due to the benefits it offers. Granite in Downers Grove is among the most expensive countertop options on the market. Some consumers pick it anyway because they see it as an investment.

Here are three reasons why consumers pick granite for their countertops.

Aesthetically Pleasing

If you have ever visited the home of a friend or a model home where granite countertops are installed, you probably noticed their beauty. It is an elegant material that is available in an array of colors and types. As the supply of granite has increased, the price has dropped, and the material’s beauty has not been compromised. Engineered granite is now an option, too, and it is just as eye-catching as the rest of the supply.


Due to the thickness of the stone, granite is durable and strong. Since it tends to last a long time, it does not need to be replaced often. Its long lifespan, therefore, turns granite into an investment instead of a burdensome expense. To maintain granite, you are advised to have it treated with sealers as soon as it is installed. Otherwise, granite is easy to clean. Granite handles heat well, so if you place hot pots and pans directly on the surface, it will be fine.

Ads Value

Whether or not you plan to sell your home, eventually, installing granite countertops will increase your home’s value due to the price of the material.

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