3 Questions to Ask About Tree Sales in Austin Before Buying

Trees are a great way to add beauty and depth to any landscape. They provide shade from the summer sun and offer a great place to sit back and relax throughout the year. But what happens when a property doesn’t have a tree in sight? Is this area destined to be without all the benefits that trees can provide? In these situations, the best option is to look into Tree Sales in Austin. Before making a purchase, be sure to ask a retailer these three questions.

What Types of Trees Can be Purchased?

Sometimes a property owner is convinced that there is only one type of tree that can be purchased and transplanted into his or her yard. In reality, there are lots of different trees that can handle the transplant and eventually thrive in their new home. Be sure to ask about the types of trees that are available and the benefits that each on offers. At the same time, be sure to ask about the amount of care and maintenance each one will require helping make an informed decision.

Is Pick Up or Delivery Available?

Not every property owner will be able to handle loading, transporting, and unloading a large, mature tree. In fact, most people don’t have the vehicle or the equipment necessary to pull off the task. Take the time to ask if delivery is available and what that includes. Usually, a company specializing in tree sales in Austin will not only deliver the tree but also get it established on the ground to ensure that it grows healthy and strong.

What Type of Warranty Comes with the Tree?

Purchasing a tree is a huge investment. While no one wants to imagine that anything will go wrong with the transplant process or the tree in the next year, it is still a concern. Make sure to find out what type of warranty comes with the tree purchase to gain peace of mind. Reputable companies will usually offer some type of upfront guarantee based on the size and type of the tree.

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