What are the Signs You Have Termites in Glen Burnie?

Termites are pests no homeowner wants to have to deal with. Unfortunately, many homeowners have these pests living inside their walls and floors for years before they become aware of their presence. It is vital homeowners have their home inspected for Termites in Glen Burnie. If termites are left in place, they can do great structural damage to a home and, eventually, cause significant destruction of the structure. With this information, homeowners will know the warning signs they should look for and how their home will be treated if they have a termite problem.

If these signs are present, a home has a termite problem.

* If subterranean termites are present, they will create mud tube nests that can be seen on the outside of the home near the base of the foundation.

* Sawdust-like debris may be discovered in different areas of the home if termites are present. This is a waste product created when termites consume the wood in a home.

* Reproductive termites begin to swarm in the spring and will often shed their wings in piles as they try to escape a home. These piles will often be found on window sills.

* Sagging and hollow wood sounds, along with honeycomb patterns in the wood, suggest termites are causing damage.

Treating a home for a termite infestation takes special skill and is not a DIY project that should be approached by homeowners. Most DIY applications cannot be placed where the termites are actually residing, so they do very little to eradicate the population.

It often takes more than pesticides to make sure a home is properly treated. The company may need to use masonry drills, soil rods, and large-capacity pumps to ensure the pesticides reach the areas that need to be treated. A pesticide company not only treats for existing termites but also helps to prevent them from returning.

If you are dealing with Termites in Glen Burnie, it is imperative you contact the professionals right away so they can come out and inspect your home. For more information on these and other pest control services, visit us. Call today for your appointment to get started.

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