Water is the Major Culprit Nearly Every Time with Foundation Repair Service in Mississippi

A foundation repair is a disaster. Some homeowners have been put out of their home because of a foundation issue. Others had to have the home demolished. A foundation issue is nothing to balk at, and foundations should be reviewed at least every 24 months to detect for any ongoing problems.

The biggest misconception with foundations is that they just degrade over time. That is partly the case, but there is almost always one major culprit involved. Unless there was a massive earthquake, one major “villain” is responsible for the problem in the foundation. This is water.

Many homeowners have a slab foundation. A slab foundation actually shifts, very slightly, and it does so over the water and the soil surrounding the foundation. So any small shift in the soil can usually be accommodated by the foundation. If it was completely immobile, it would be too inflexible to stand the test of time. This is actually the case with wood foundations that are completely vulnerable to water and, by design, do not move to accommodate shifts in soil. Concrete is also an issue because it is entirely inflexible.

Soil moves because of water. When soil gets wet, it expands to accommodate the new water. The water actually makes it expand, and dry soil will actually decrease in size. The water usually comes in ebbs and flows. During the wet season, the soil will expand drastically, and during the winter, it will subside. During all this, the slab foundation must remain accommodating to the changes in the soil.

A Foundation Repair Service in Mississippi is usually because of an issue with the shifting in the soil. Of course, the reason is because of the introduction of water. Water can damage the foundation beyond repair, and cause it to be deconstructed. Ewing & Ray Foundation Services Inc. follows the patterns of the seasons and the flow of soil and water to maintain and keep a close eye on the foundation. Their efforts can potentially save it. There is a lot to look at, but the right expert can see the bigger picture and look at what is going on around the foundation to make a repair.

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