Things to Consider Before Starting Bathroom Renovation in Manhattan NY

One of the more commonly renovated rooms in homes is the bathroom. This is partly because this type of renovation often provides a good return on investment. Of course, there’s no reason not to renovate the room just to make it look newer and nicer or to make it more convenient for the way it’s currently being used. Before contacting Bathroom Renovation Manhattan NY companies, there are a few considerations to be aware of to make the whole process a bit easier.

Understand How Much Space Is Needed

It’s important to understand how much space each of the items commonly used in the bathroom usually takes up and how much space there should be between these items. This will help you figure out workable layouts. For example, there should be about 38 inches between the sink and the opposing wall and the tub is usually about 32 inches wide and 60 inches long. If you don’t want to hire a professional from a Bathroom Renovation Manhattan NY company to redesign the bathroom, becoming familiar with this type of information is essential to avoid costly mistakes and an unworkable bathroom.

Cost Effective Splurges

One good thing about bathroom remodels is that the room is typically pretty small, meaning that there are lots of opportunities to splurge on small details that will make the room look more luxurious without spending a lot of money. For example, the countertop for the vanity isn’t usually very large, so a stone top may be feasible. Consider a more expensive tile on the floor since there usually isn’t much of it showing. A trained professional from a bathroom renovation in Manhattan NY company can give you a number of ideas that will work within your overall budget.

Tubs Versus Showers

For those who prefer showers to baths, as long as at least one bathroom in the home has a bathtub, switching from a tub to a stand-alone shower can be a good way to make more room in a small bathroom. Another option is to use a smaller than normal bathtub in the room. Getting rid of all bathtubs may make the home more difficult to sell, however.

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