The Installation of Egress Basement Windows in Topeka Kansas When Converting the Area to Living Space

by | May 31, 2016 | Doors and Windows

Remodeling a basement to convert it to living space can be helpful for families, but basements tend to be dark, gloomy places unless homeowners have additional windows or larger ones installed. It’s possible to brighten up the living space with light-colored walls, ceiling tile, flooring and furnishings, but the lack of natural light may still be noticeable. Having several Basement Windows in Topeka Kansas installed along at least one wall, preferably a wall facing south or west, helps bring a great deal more natural light than is typically the case in this part of the house.

If anyone is sleeping downstairs, building codes require at least two exit points from the area. The first is the stairway to the upper level. If the home has a walkout basement, there is probably a door to the outside as well, but it may not be easily accessed from the sleeping area. For safety reasons, state and municipal codes require bedrooms to have at least one window, no matter where in the house the bedroom is situated. That window provides an emergency exit in case of fire or the aftermath of a tornado. It must be large enough for an adult to easily fit through. If someone sleeps on a sofa bed in a family room and not an actual bedroom, there must be at least one egress window that can be easily reached by this person. It cannot be situated in the laundry area on the other side of the basement.

Basement Windows in Topeka Kansas that provide an exit to the outside offer more natural light than very small windows that some basements have. The greater the number of larger windows that can be installed, the better for the people who will be spending a lot of time downstairs. Ideally, a large part of the basement or even all of it should not need artificial lighting during the daytime if it will function as living space and not just an area to do laundry or work on home improvement projects. A contractor such as Arrow Exteriors can evaluate the building and determine where windows could be placed without extensive modification of the structure. Visit us to schedule an appointment.

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