The Illusion of Space: Opening Up the Bathroom with Frameless Shower Doors in Santa Clarita CA

by | Jul 25, 2017 | Home Improvement

Most Americans want a little extra space in their bathroom. Most people can’t just knock out a wall and cut into the master, nor do they want to. They got to work with what they got. The very limit of space in any room in a house has opened up new creative doors. This is exactly where Frameless Shower Doors in Santa Clarita CA came from.

A frameless shower door is a shower door with no frame. The shower door ends against the wall. What is the benefit to this type of frame? The benefit is cosmetic. Frameless shower doors are popular because they offer a contemporary look. They are popular, suave, and affordable. Many would argue the necessity of a frame when it can be removed without any problem at all.

It also has to do with enclosing, and this is possibly the heart of the appeal for Frameless Shower Doors in Santa Clarita CA. Intrigued shoppers can also visit the website for more. A frame encloses the space, however subtly. It isn’t necessary to force a barrier around the shower door when it can be open and free. Specifically, in the design, a lack of a frame creates less blocky textures and less enclosure in the bathroom.

An often overlooked benefit is creating space where there is no space. A large and clunky shower door with a frame takes up a little extra space. A frameless shower door unit does anything but. It creates some extra room out of the wall where there was no actual room prior. A frameless shower is excellent for homeowners who are fighting a lack of space. It does not make for a whole lot of extra room, but it definitely helps in the illusion of the extra room. It opens the space up, even slightly, and helps both literally and mentally in expanding the bathroom’s scale.

The above can only really be visualized. It is essential for intrigued shoppers to dig for images of frameless showers to see the illusionary effect of extra space at work. Frameless doors open things up- keep it clear- and make use of more door for a lower cost.

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