The Exciting Beauty of Recessed Lighting Can Be Yours from Wilmette, IL

There are many reasons people love recessed lighting in Wilmette. Not only does it make a room feel larger, but rooms look more prominent when you install recessed lighting. The choice of trim for the fixture adds flexibility to the amount of light cast around the room. Check out more benefits of recessed lighting below.

Installing Recessed Lighting

The process of installing recessed lighting can be a simple, straightforward process. The simplest approach is to hire a skilled and experienced electrician, not only for the installation itself, of course, but to help you decide the best placement for the fixtures.

Once you know where you want your new lighting installed, your electrician will:

  • Cut a hole
  • Run the wiring
  • Mount the lights
  • Add the trim
  • Pick the lightbulbs of your choosing

Click on the link below to view a gallery of rooms with recessed lighting to help fuel your creativity.

Function and Style

Some common questions you may have before installing recessed lighting may include the best bulb for your purpose? Types of bulbs for recessed lighting include:

  • Incandescent
  • LED
  • Halogen
  • Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL)

Another consideration may be what you want your lighting to accomplish? Do you want fixtures to direct at a wall or object, or do you want to splash light on the entire wall? Are dimmers in your future?

Call Today

To answer all of your lighting questions and for more information about installing recessed lighting in Wilmette, visit Current Electrical Contractors online or call (847) 832-0700.

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